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Health News for Seniors

Middle-Aged and Impaired? More Common Than You Might Think -
These Foods May Help Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain -
Rheumatoid Arthritis Linked to Risk of COPD -
Arthritis Can Strike Children - In these young patients, joint inflammation caused by overactive immune system
The Benefits of Simply Moving More - You can improve heart health without structured exercise
Common Painkillers May Boost Blood Pressure in Arthritis Patients - Widely used NSAID drugs may not be as safe as previously thought, researchers warn
How You Think About Your Arthritis Makes a Difference - Confidence in your ability to remain active improves day-to-day life, study finds
Skeletons Give Clues to Americans' Rising Arthritis Rates - Study suggests reasons for pained knees go beyond the usual suspects -- obesity and aging
Certain Jobs Linked to Raised Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis - Risk was doubled among men who did electrical work, and tripled among bricklayers, study finds
Fish Eaters Report Less Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain - Study suggests most fish may play role in controlling symptoms
Chronic Pain Common in Adults With Depression, Anxiety - Study finds the double whammy is a significant and growing health problem
Promising Results for Drug to Fight Arthritis Linked to Psoriasis - Psoriatic arthritis causes painful joint swelling, but new medication Taltz might help
Studies Spotlight Diet, Supplements for Knee Pain - Could fiber or chondroitin ease arthritis?
Poverty Could Make Lupus Even Worse - Second study saw pregnancy complications higher among non-whites
Forget Steroid Shots for Long-Term Relief of Arthritic Knees - Noticeable cartilage loss detected in patients injected over 2 years, study says
Eat This Diet to Lower Your Odds for Painful Gout - Ditching fats and salt in favor of fruits, veggies and grains keeps the condition at bay, study finds
Do Your Knees Crackle and Pop? - It could mean arthritis is coming
4 in 10 People Will Suffer Arthritic Hands Over Lifetime - Obesity appears to raise the risk, researchers note
Can Dropping Some Weight Save Your Knees? - Loss was tied to less joint degeneration in study, but skeptics remain
Early Treatment Equals Better Results for Rheumatoid Arthritis - Study found less disability, lower risk of early death
Obesity May Make Rheumatoid Arthritis Tough to Spot, Track - Inflammation from excess weight could lead doctors to think disease is worse in women than it is, study finds
Knee Replacement Doesn't Always Pay, Researchers Say - Less pain to begin with, less gain from the procedure, but more benefit seen in those with severe arthritis
1 in 4 U.S. Adults Disabled by Arthritis: CDC - Agency recommends exercise, not opioids, to control pain, stiffness
Can Depression Up Odds for Arthritis Linked to Psoriasis? - Mood disorder may increase inflammation throughout the body, researcher says
Even a Little Exercise Can Help With Arthritis, Study Says - Just 45 minutes a week was related to better physical functioning among older adults